New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 3)


Enrolment application process

After you choose your courses on the 'Choose courses' tab you will complete our online enrolment application. As part of this you need to provide us with the information listed below.

Your enrolment application cannot be processed until we receive all the required documentation.

Confirm workplace requirements

You need to confirm that you can meet the volunteer or work requirements of the qualification, including providing the name of the ECE service you are volunteering.

You can give your service the following information to explain the requirements.

Police vetting and offence disclosure

You can download and complete a NZ Police Vetting Service Request and Consent form, which can be uploaded back into the online application form.

You also need to disclose if you have ever been convicted of an offence against the law, including traffic infringements, in any country.


During your application you will be asked to give us the names, email addresses and phone numbers of two people who know you and have observed you interacting with young children. They need to have agreed to provide a confidential report in support of your application.

You can also access the form below

Your referees cannot be a close friend or relative.