Get your student ID card

Get your free student ID card so you can receive student discounts at specified businesses nationwide.

We’ve teamed up with StudentCard, New Zealand’s favourite discount card for tertiary students.

With StudentCard you can get discounts and you can get added-value offers on many of the things that help make life a little more affordable. From the necessities to the niceties: food, clothing, books and stationery.

StudentCard is free. All you have to do is apply


To apply for your StudentCard

  1. Fill out the application form linked to below
  2. We’ll confirm with StudentCard you are enrolled with us
  3. StudentCard will create your card, using the legal first and last name that we hold for you
  4. StudentCard will email you a unique code.
  5. To register for your card go to the StudentCard website, click ‘Buy’ and enter your unique code.

After you finish the steps above, you can access to your virtual StudentCard via their app. 

StudentCard will also send you a card to the address you put in your online application. This should arrive within 10 working days. If it does not arrive or you are having issues signing up, contact StudentCard:


Using student card

You can use your StudentCard at any of the businesses listed on their website.

If you have problems using the card, show the business their discount page on the app. It may be that the staff member is not aware that the business is a discount partner with StudentCard.
You can also let StudentCard know of the issue so they can follow up:


Have any questions?

If you have any questions about StudentCard:


Terms & Conditions

  • The StudentCard card is valid until 31 March of the following year. 
  • Open Polytechnic will cover the cost of your StudentCard. However at some stage in the future we may at our own discretion decide to introduce a cost for the card.
  • The StudentCard is primarily a discount card for Open Polytechnic students.
  • Please treat your card as you would cash, as it is a valuable asset.
  • If your card is lost/stolen you must reapply through the StudentCard website and pay in full at your expense. Open Polytechnic does not pay for re-issuing lost or stolen cards.
  • From time to time and in accordance with strict guidelines issued by Open Polytechnic, you may receive email communication from third parties enabling you to access benefits and services which form part of the Open Polytechnic student experience. It will be necessary for Open Polytechnic to share your contact and student information with StudentCard for the express purpose of enabling your application for an Open Polytechnic StudentCard; you will receive email correspondence from StudentCard allowing you to register for your Open Polytechnic StudentCard.
  • Your StudentCard is not transferable.
  • You must be currently enrolled with Open Polytechnic and a be a resident in New Zealand during your study to be eligible to apply for a StudentCard.
  • Open Polytechnic is not responsible for any unauthorised use of your card or for any loss arising from your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.
  • When your card expires, you must reapply for your StudentCard using the application form.