For everything you need to know about sitting exams with Open Polytechnic, select the links below:

Sitting exams overseas
Find out the process for sitting exams in New Zealand or overseas

Exam assistance
Find out about our services if you have a disability or requirement that prevents you from sitting exams under normal circumstances.

What you need to know before your exam
Find out about admittance letters, what materials you may take into an exam and what to do if you have an exam clash.

What you need to know on the day of your exam
For information about aegrotat consideration (if you are unable to attend the examination due to injury, illness or trauma), and what you'll need to do during the exam.

What you need to know after you have sat an exam
For information about grading scales, resits, reconsiderations and return of marked exam scripts

Some past exam papers are available through our Library database. If your course has an exam, past exam papers may be available to view here.


Watches in Examinations

Effective from trimester 2, 2015, students will not be permitted to wear watches or have them on their desks during examinations. All watches must be removed and placed with personal belongings. This is to eliminate the possible use of smart watches in examinations. All venues have clocks that are visible to students.

Exam dates and venue information

Exam dates and times are not flexible so you'll need to plan for it. Our examination centres change from time to time.  Ensure that you know the location of your examination centre and how to reach it.

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Sitting exams from overseas

If you are studying overseas you will need to organise your exam venue and supervisor for your exam.

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Information for exam day

This page sets down what you need to know and must do on the day of and during your examination. Please read this information carefully and refer to it before your examination.

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Aegrotat consideration

If you are unable to attend your examination, or you sat your examination and think that your performance was impaired due to injury, illness, trauma or an exceptional circumstance beyond your control, you may apply for aegrotat consideration.

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Getting assistance with exams

If you have a disability, medical condition or specific need that prevents you from sitting an exam under normal conditions, we may be able to offer assistance.

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Exam materials and admittance information

Approximately three weeks before your exam, we will post you your admittance information to advise you where and when your exam will be, and what you can take into the exam.

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Grades, reconsiderations, resits and the return of exam papers

After your exam, your completed examination paper will be returned to Open Polytechnic and processed for marking.

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