Exam admittance information and permitted materials

This page includes information on what you need for exam day, what you can and can not take into your exams with you, and what we will supply for your examination.

Approximately three weeks before your exam, we will post you your admittance information. This will tell you:

  • where and when your exam will be
  • what you can take into the exam.

Check the date, time, and centre details on the admittance information carefully.

If you need to change your allocated venue or have two exams scheduled at the same time contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

Note:  Our examination centres change from time to time.  Ensure that you know the location of your examination centre and how to reach it.

Examination materials

Your examination admittance information will include details about approved materials for your exam. You will also need to bring:

  • your examination admittance details
  • a photo ID
  • writing supplies – pens, ruler, highlighter
  • any drawing instruments required (for example, drawing set, scale, flowchart template)
  • materials as specified in the approved examination materials list below.

For information about the rules of what you can take into exams, and materials such as calculators, dictionaries, Government Acts or other materials refer to:

Approved examination materials (PDF, 87KB, opens in new window)

Exam materials we supply

Examination materials that we will supply:

  • the examination paper
  • the booklet to complete your examination answers
  • additional paper sheets if you fill your answer book.


You can not wear watches or have them on your desks during examinations.

You need to remove your watch and place it with personal belongings. This is to eliminate the possible use of smart watches in examinations.

All venues have clocks that are visible to students.


Need help?

If you have any questions about exam materials, admittance information or exam venues, contact the Services Team, Academic Registry on:


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