Manage your studies

Find information on how to re-enrol, enrolment dates, application forms, withdrawal and textbook information.

  • How to re-enrol

    Ready to re-enrol? It’s easy, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Course start, end and withdrawal dates

    On this page you can see how you can find the key dates for our programmes and courses. For exam dates and times go to the exam dates page.

  • Withdrawing from your course

    If you want to withdraw from your course check the criteria on this page and use the Request to Withdraw form linked to below.
  • Withdrawals and course transfers

    To withdraw from your course or change your course start date check the information on this page and submit the form that applies to your circumstances.

  • Changes to your enrolment

    Find out how you can change your enrolment to study a different course, transfer your course to a new start date or change your name, address or contact details. 

  • Learner forms

    Here you will find all the service forms that you may need during your study. You can either apply online, or download a form and post it to us. 

  • Textbooks

    If your course has a set text you are expected to purchase a copy. 

  • Get your student ID card

    Get your free student ID card so you can receive student discounts at specified businesses nationwide. We’ve teamed up with StudentCard, New Zealand’s favourite discount card for tertiary students.