Content licensing

If you want to expand your portfolio of educational content, Open Polytechnic can help. 

We are New Zealand's leading provider of distance learning. We offer more than 700 courses across over 100 programmes of study.

With content licensing you can access our New Zealand accredited content. You can use it in conjunction with face-to-face training, to create a blended delivery model. Or you can offer courses by distance, so your leaners can study by distance.

Check out the Choose courses section to see what courses and programmes we offer.

How content licensing works

We can licence most content from courses we deliver via iQualify, our learning management system (LMS). Any content you licensing will be white labelled so your leaners see the content as yours.*

This removes the need to develop the core content of your course. So you can focus on developing the assessments and gaining NZQA accreditation for delivery.

*Some images and other content will retain Open Polytechnic copyright within the course as required by copyright law. 


What is the cost of content licensing?

We offer a per student rate on our existing content. Or we can develop a custom version of the course suited to your organisation. When you pay based  on student enrolments, your cost will always relate to the number of students enrolled.


How your learners access the content

You and your learners can access any content you license through our iQualify LMS, so you can access learning content from anywhere, at any time.

You can also get print versions of some of our older courses. Print is not available for newer courses we deliver through iQualify. 


Want to know more?

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