Digital design, video and software development

If you need engaging video or animation production, interactive educational assets, digital design services or web applications, we can help.

Our Digital Experience and Software Development teams offer a range of skills. They include digital designers, animators, videographers, user experience designers (UX), business analysis, software developers and testers.

As well as helping you define your needs and fine-tune your requirements, they have skills in:

  • research and analysis
  • content writing and editing
  • digital design, including creating graphics, interactive assets and print media
  • video production 
  • animation
  • script writing
  • user research and testing
  • user experience design (UX)
  • business analysis
  • software development
  • software testing.


Audio and video production

We offer location and studio shoots, in our fully resourced studio. We provide scripting, shooting, editing and full pre and post-production services that we use to help you ensure your content is visual, interactive and engaging.

For examples of our video and animation work visit our showcase:


Digital design and animation

Our digital designers can help you bring your online content to life. This is important with educational content, to help your learners absorb the information effectively.

We have extensive experience in designing digital experiences including websites, interactives, infographics, and animations for courseware, websites, and marketing materials.

We have also designed and produced countless workbooks, manuals, facilitator guides, and other print resources. Our Digital Experience team was awarded the Gold Award at the 2017 NZ Pride in Print Awards.

For examples of our interactive design visit our showcase:


Want to know more?

Contact our Commercial team to learn more about our what our digital design, video production, animation and software development teams can do for your organisation's digital design project.


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