Exam dates and venue information

This page includes information on exam dates, where you will sit your exams and how to change your exam centre. 

Exam dates and times are not flexible so you'll need to plan for them. Check to see if you need to sit an exam for your course, then find your venue and timetable information below.

Exam Timetables 2024/2025

If your course has a start date of 10/06/2024, your exam will be during exam week 23-27 September 2024

Exam Timetable Exam Week 23rd-27th September 2024

If your course has a start date of 07/10/2024, your exam will be during exam week 22-24 January 2025

Exam Timetable Exam Week 22-24 January 2025

If your course has a start date of 10/03/2025, your exam will be during exam week 23-27 June 2025

Exam Timetable Exam Week 23-27 June 2025

If your course has a start date of 07/07/2025, your exam will be during exam week 20-24 October 2025

Exam Timetable Exam Week 20-24 October 2025

Please check the exam timetables for your courses.  Please note these dates may be subject to change, please re-check the website for the latest version.

Exam centres

Ensure that you check the location of your exam centre and how to reach it before the day of your exam. This information will be in your exam admittance information. These are posted approximately three weeks before your exam.

You will be allocated to the exam centre nearest to the home address we currently have listed for you.

If your exam is in a centre you have not used before, we recommend you familiarise yourself with how to get there and how long it will take before exam day. This will avoid unnecessary stress on the day of your exam. 

Requirements for attending Open Polytechnic examination venues

If the assessment requirements of your course includes a supervised examination, then you are required to attend an Open Polytechnic examination venue in-person.

As of the 13th September, 2022, the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights) ended, including the mandatory wearing of masks at most venues. You may still choose to wear a mask at your examination venue.

Our exam centres change from time to time. If you have previously sat exams with us you still need to check the venue details as stated on your admittance letter.
If you have not received your admittance letter, or have any questions, please contact our Services Team by emailing:


Changing your exam centre

If you need to change your allocated exam centre, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your admittance letter.  

If you have two examinations scheduled at the same time contact us immediately. We will arrange for you to sit one exam in the morning and the other in the afternoon of that day. You must remain at the venue between examinations.

Contact our Services Team, Academic Registry on:


Resit and reconsideration closing dates

If you wish to apply for a resit or reconsideration you need to do so before the dates below.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about exam dates and venues get in touch with the Services Team, Academic Registry:


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