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We deliver most of our online courses using the iQualify LMS. The easiest way to learn how to use it is to log in and start exploring, but this page has some information to get you started.

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Accessing your course in iQualify

To access your course in iQualify:

  • login to Open Polytechnic website. If you are unsure how to login, go to our How to login page for guidance.
  • after you go in you will go to ‘My Open Polytechnic’, where you will see your course/s listed in the ‘My courses’ box.
  • click on the name of the course you want to go to, and a second log in screen will appear
  • re-enter your password and click on log in.

You will then be taken to your course page in iQualify.

How to login

Navigating iQualify

When you are not in a course you can use the initial (or avatar) icon on the top right of the page to navigate around iQualify. Clicking on it will show a dropdown list with:

  • Dashboard – Use this to go back to your dashboard, where you will see all your courses.
  • Home – This will take you to My Open Polytechnic, where you go when you first log into Open Polytechnic.
  • Profile – This is where you can see your account information, and opt in to receive text and email alerts. You can also change your icon to a profile picture.
  • Logout - This will log you out of iQualify, but you will still be logged into My Open Polytechnic.

On the right hand side of your screen you'll  see a tab called "show me how". Click on this and you'll open a handy interactive menu that will show you around any area of iQualify that you'd like  guidance with.

Click on any of the topics and you'll be guided through how to use them.

iQual Show me How

iQual Show me How2


My courses

From your dashboard you can see your current, upcoming or past courses. Use the course cards to:

  • go to each course’s home screen
  • continue where you left off in your course
  • go to your assessments or notes. 


Navigating your courses

To get to your courses in iQualify, log into My Open Polytechnic and click the course title to go to the course Overview page.

 iQual dashboard 2019

When you go into a course you will go to the course overview page. From here, you can start or continue the course, or use the tabs down the left hand side to see:

  • My Courses - Where you can navigate back to your main dashboard to see all your courses.
  • Overview - This is your introduction to the course, your Lecturer and other key personnel. Includes a summary of content and the expected outcomes plus any assessments and any other important course related details.
  • Contents – Where you can see and go to the modules in the course. 
  • Search - where you can search for key phrases or content in the course.
  • Assessments – This has information about the assignments you need to do for the course. It’s also where you upload and submit your completed assignments for marking.
  • Notes - This is where you can review any notes you have written through the course. These are private notes which only you can see.
  • Talk – This takes you to the talk channels (online forums) for the course. They include announcements, general forums, assessment forums and library support.

Learn more about how to submit assignments 

Course menu

From anywhere in the course, you can use the ‘Course menu’ tab on the left of the page to:

  • see the course contents
  • go to your course home page
  • go to the assessment tab 
  • go to your course notes (information on how to use notes is below). 

IQualify 6


IQualify 7


Click the search icon to search course content. 

IQualify 8



The bell icon on the top right of the page will show a notification:

  • when an assignment is marked and returned. 
  • when there are new announcements or discussions in the talk channels.

Click the icon to go to the announcements page to see any messages.

IQualify 16

Get notifications sent to your email

To opt in to get notifications sent to your My OP student email address (

  • click the icon with your initials or avatar and select Profile.

IQualify 16

  • look for the Contact box. It will contain your MyOP student email address
  • select emails 
  • click ‘Update account’.

If you want to change the email account we send notifications to, you need to:

  • go to My Open Polytechnic
  • click ‘Launch Office 365’ to go to your student email account
  • follow the instructions on this page ‘Forward email from Office 365 to another email account’.

Get notifications sent to your phone

To opt in to get notifications sent to your phone:

  • click the icon with your initials or avatar and select ‘Profile’
  • look for ‘Mobile’ in the ‘Contact’ box and enter your mobile phone number. If this is your first time opting in for SMS message click ‘Verify now’ to verify your phone number 

Text Msg. 4

  • click ‘Get code’ in the ‘Verify your phone’ pop up. A code will be sent to your phone 

Text Msg. 5


  • enter the code and click ‘Verify’ 
  • select ‘SMS Messages’
  • click ‘Update account’.

Notes and discussions

You can add notes next to any content in your course. You can make two types of notes:

  • private notes just for you
  • social notes where you can have a public discussion with the facilitator or students within the course.

You can save your notes and refer to them easily anytime by creating unique tags.

How to add notes 

Click on the pencil-speech bubble icon next to your course content to add notes or begin a group discussion. 


When you click this icon a grey speech bubble will open with two icons – a speech bubble and a pencil in a square.


Adding private notes

  1. Click the pencil in a square icon
  2. A ‘Your notes’ box will open.
  3. Click ‘ADD’.
  4. A ‘Make a note’ box will open up for you to type your notes. 
  5. Add tags to your notes to make it easier for you to search for that note later on.
  6. When you have finished making notes and adding tags, click ‘POST’ to save your note.

Adding social notes

  1. Click the speech bubble icon
  2. A box titled ‘Discuss this’ will open 
  3. Click ‘ADD’
  4. A drop down box will open for you to type your discussion note
  5. Click ‘Post’ to save the discussion note. The facilitator and other students in the course will be able to see the notes and add to the discussion if they wish.

A green dot in the pencil-speech bubble icon indicates that a note or discussion has been added/saved next to that particular reading.

Finding your saved notes

You can access your notes from:

  • your dashboard, by clicking the ‘NOTES’ icon for each course, or
  • from your course page by clicking the menu tab on the far left side of your screen. The course menu will pop up to show the ‘NOTES’ icon.

iQual Access Saved Notes


Tips for using Notes

  • As you accumulate notes use the search or tag function to help you find relevant notes. This is why creating appropriate tags is important.
  • Delete notes that are no longer needed by clicking the trashcan icon.


Accessing your courses offline

You can access your courses offline without the internet using Google Chrome's offline functionality.

In offline mode you can:

  • access all the main course content
  • review study notes.

 You cannot:

  • complete activities
  • access resources (i.e. PDF attachments)
  • watch videos
  • interact with other student
  • upload assessments.

To access courses offline you need to have gone into all the modules you want to be able to access offline before turning your Wi-Fi or data off/airplane mode on.

How to access your course offline using a PC or laptop

  1. Whilst online open Google Chrome and login to your course.
  2. Navigate to any page within your course. This excludes your course or assessment overview.
  3. In the top right corner of your Chrome browser click on the three vertical dots.
  4. Select Install course name...
  5. A copy of the course will now be saved to your desktop. (If you are using a Mac you'll find it in the Chrome Apps folder)
  6. Before going offline we recommend you review the course to check it's downloaded properly.

Access your course offline on an android device (tablet or smartphone)

Accessing courses through your android device is made available through a technology called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWAs are still reasonably new technology, but are well supported on Android devices using Google Chrome or the default Android browser.  

To study offline from your Android smartphone or tablet:

  1. Open your course using Google Chrome (this is usually the Android default browser).
  2. Select Add when prompted to add the course to your home screen, or if this doesn't appear, use the browser menu (usually an ellipsis [three dots] icon) and select Add to Home screen. This will add a new icon on your Home screen providing a shortcut to your course.
  3. Navigate to any page within your course. This excludes your course or assessment overview.
  4. When you're offline and access your course from the icon on your Home screen you'll see an offline banner appear on your course page. You'll now be able to navigate between pages and continue your study.  

FAQS for offline use

Do I have to use Google chrome? 
We recommend using Google Chrome (usually the default Android browser). However support for offline access is being added to browsers all the time - if you use a different browser, try it, it may work!

Why can't I access my course offline on my iPhone?
We don't currently support PWA's on iOS devices, but this may change in the future.

My course content hasn't loaded on my phone/tablet?
Depending on the speed of your internet connection or the size of your course it may take some time to download all of the modules. We recommend giving the PWA a bit of time to download a local copy of the course before switching to offline mode.

How do I conserve my mobile data?
The first time you access each module of your course a local copy is downloaded to your device. If you want to conserve your data, we recommend accessing your course for the first time using Wi-Fi rather than your mobile data.

Need help?

If you have any questions about your course or using iQualify get in touch.

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