About Open Polytechnic

All programmes / qualifications meet rigorous and transparent quality standards. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has approved the programmes and accredited Open Polytechnic to deliver them.

There is industry involvement in the development of most courses and programmes and close relationships are also maintained with appropriate professional and industry bodies.

Over 100 qualifications and 1,200 courses staircase from certificate to diploma and degree level (Levels 1–7 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework).

They range from technical and vocational training to higher professional and continuing education.

Vision/Ngā Wawata

A New Zealand that’s continually learning to succeed.


Growing talent to create value for individuals, employers and the economy.

Changes to benefit Open Polytechnic learners

Open Polytechnic is continually evolving its services to meet the changing needs of our distance learners.
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The objective of governance and leadership at Open Polytechnic is to ensure the organisation develops and maintains a clear strategic direction, sound academic policies and regulations, robust reporting, monitoring and control mechanisms and engages its key stakeholders.
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First Impressions Survey

Each trimester Open Polytechnic sends out a First Impressions Survey to students to find out their experiences of our pre-enrolment and enrolment processes, student support services, and the first few weeks with us.

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History of Open Polytechnic

Open Polytechnic began life as the Technical Correspondence School in 1946, providing resettlement training for returned servicemen and women following World War II.
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Corporate publications

Here you can find the Open Polytechnic's Annual Report.

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