Scholarships for Pasifika

We offer several scholarships and awards that could help ease your study journey. There are also many more from other scholarship providers that you may be eligible for. The best thing to do is give it a go and apply!

This page has information on our study awards and other scholarships for you to consider. To give you the best chance at receiving a scholarship or award, we have also included some tips on what to remember when applying.


Our scholarships and awards

Pacific Island Learners – Pasifika Study Award

The Pasifka Study Awards provides monetary assistance to learners who are working towards completing their qualification while studying with us. Applications open in late June. The aim of this award is to support Pasifika learners studying with us who are nearing the completion of their qualification.

More about the Pasifika Study Award


Other scholarships and assistance we offer

We also offer a range of other scholarships for our learners. Check them out to see if any are right for you, and find out what other financial assistance is available. 

Learn more about other Open Polytechnic scholarships and assistance

If you have any questions or need help with our scholarships please get in touch:

Contact us


Other scholarships providers

The list below includes scholarships for Pasifika that are relevant for some of the programmes we offer. 

Pacific Education Fund (PEF) scholarships

Le Va – Pacific mental health and addiction workforce scholarship

Mcdiarmid Institute scholarships for Māori and Pasific Island students

Or you can check out the links below to help you find scholarships in a range of subject areas from a many different scholarships providers. 

StudySpy scholarships database 

Careers NZ – Where to find scholarships information 


Applying for scholarships

When you decide to aim for a scholarship:

  • Check you fit the scholarship eligibility criteria.
  • Make sure you understand what the scholarship provider is trying to achieve with their scholarship. This will help you tailor your application information to highlight how you can contribute to their goals.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to write your application and get everything you need to send in with it.

Tips for applying

  1. Check when you need to have your application in by.
  2. Check what documents you need to supply and get them verified*.
  3. Contact your referees early to let them know what scholarships you are applying for and how they can help.
  4. Check your application before sending it in.

Remember to follow instructions and make sure you understand what they are asking for.


What documents you will need to send with your application will vary depending on the scholarship. They might include:

  • Forms you need to fill in.
  • Supporting documents, such as proof of identity (which may need to be officially verified*).
  • If you need to provide references or a list of referees and their contact details.

*If any documents need to be officially verified find out how on our how to provide proof of identity page


If you need to supply references, contact your referees early and let them know what scholarship you are applying for. This will give them time to write your references.


Before you send in your application

Before you send it in, check your application:

  • Check you have filled in all the sections.
  • Check your spelling.
  • Make sure you have provided everything they asked for.
  • It can also be good to ask a friend or family member to double check everything for you.


The key is to be forward about your potential and why you should be considered for a scholarship or award. Giving examples is a good way to do this.