Reconsiderations, resits and the return of exam papers

This page includes information on how to get your final grade reconsidered, re-sitting exams, and how to get your exam papers back. 

You must not communicate directly with your lecturers or tutors regarding your exams. All communication regarding exams must be through the Academic Registrar until your results have been officially released.

Final results are approved by the Results and Awards Committee and released to My Open Polytechnic within 20 working days from the end of the exam cycle. You will receive an email when your results are available.

If you have any queries about reconsiderations, resits and the return of exam papers, please contact the Exams Team, Academic Registry:


Reconsideration of final grade

A reconsideration is a remarking of your in-course summative assessment(s) and/or final exam by a different marker.

If your assessment was not submitted online, you will need to submit the marked assessment with your application for reconsideration.

To apply for a reconsideration your application must be submitted with the application fee within 10 working days after the official release of your results.

Course assessments relating to previous trimesters cannot be reconsidered.

Reconsideration costs

  • Reconsideration of individual assessment or final examination paper NZ$75
  • Reconsideration of marks of two or more components of a course NZ$120

The closing dates for exam applications are available here:


Resit of final exam

You may be eligible to apply for a resit opportunity at the next available offering of the course if you:

  • did not sit an exam and received an Absent(AB) result
  • failed to pass an exam, or
  • passed the exam but failed to pass the course.

You must apply for a resit and pay the $250 application fee per course within 20 working days of the official release of your results. 

You will not be required to repeat your course work for the course.

The closing dates for exam applications are available here:


Return of marked exam papers

Exam papers can be returned to you upon request after reconsideration applications have been finalised. There is no fee for this service.

To get your exam paper returned to you, you need to:

Exam papers are held for six months before destruction.


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