Education Services

As an education provider, you can partner with Open Polytechnic to access our large pool of resources to better enable your content creation, delivery and assessment requirements

  • Learning management system

    With iQualify LMS you can create courses, engage learners and assess instantly. With social learning at its heart, iQualify gives you the tools you need to create, deliver and sell courses that engage and inspire.

  • Content licensing

    License existing white labelled Open Polytechnic course material for your own blended or online delivery.

  • Content creation and digitisation

    Leverage the largest instructional design team in New Zealand to create content that is relevant, contextualised and engaging for your staff and/or audience.

  • Multi-media creation

    Create engaging video, animation and interactive educational assets through Open Polytechnic's state of the art creative design studio.

  • Marking and moderation

    The Open Polytechnic operates a fully resourced assessment centre that can assist with your organisations assessment, marking and moderation requirements.