Study, research, reading and note taking skills

Strategies and skills to help with your studies, including how to read and take notes effectively, take in information, and research and evaluate the information you find.

  • Reading skills

    When you’re studying it’s important to be able to read effectively and efficiently. This page includes some reading strategies you could try.

  • Active learning

    Tips and ideas for active learning to help you improve your memory and concentration, and make reviewing your work easier. 

  • Taking notes

    Taking notes is a useful way to help you recall important information as you work through your course that you may need to refer to later.

  • Mind mapping

    Whether you need to plan an assessment, brainstorm or take notes, mind mapping is an easy way to organise your information and ideas.

  • Researching

    The research you need to do will be different for each assessment. The steps on this page will help you focus your research and make it more effective. 

  • Evaluating information

    Find out how to evaluate information and decide what you need for your assessment.

  • Critical thinking for reading and research

    Get tips for how to think critically and question information, ideas and arguments, so you can reach your own conclusion.