How your work will be assessed

Assessments show that you have met the learning outcomes of your course. Find out about the different types of assessments you will do and how we will assess your knowledge and skills.

How we will assess your learning

Assessments are how we get and evaluate evidence of your learning. There are two main types:

  • Formative assessment – throughout your course you might do assessment tasks that will help you learn and understand the concepts and content. They don’t count towards your final grade.
  • Summative assessment – these are formal assessments that evaluate your learning by comparing the work you submit against a standard. This shows if you meet the learning outcomes of the course.

With summative assessment there are two main ways your knowledge and skills are assessed and graded: 

  • Competency-based assessments measure your ability to apply your knowledge and skills against a required standard. To achieve a passing grade, each part of the assessment must reach the required standard. Some programmes with competency-based assessments recognise higher levels of performance shown by the grade, such as ‘Achieved with merit’. 
  • Achievement based assessments use grade point marking. They measure the extent to which your work demonstrates the required skills and knowledge by the task and marks may range from 0 to 100% with the associated grade. 

Assessment types

Common assessments you may have to do include:

  • written work, such as short answers, essays or reports
  • practical tasks such as recording workplace activities
  • presentations, including video or audio submissions
  • portfolios of evidence
  • online quizzes
  • participating in an online or in person assessment.

Learn more about the types of assessments you may do

When you do your assessment make sure you read the assessment task information carefully, including the marking schedule. This will tell you what you need to cover and what the marker will be looking for.

Assessment due dates

It is important that you make every attempt to complete and submit your assessments by their due date. You can check these in:

  • My Open Polytechnic, and
  • the assessment information in the ‘Tasks’ or ‘Assessments’ tab in your course in iQualify.

If the due dates in My Open Polytechnic show as ‘Unavailable’ your assessments need to be submitted before the end date of the course. Your course will have recommended due dates, which you can find in the assessment information in your course in iQualify.

If you submit an assessment late (after the due date or the end date of the course) and you haven’t applied for an extension or special consideration it will not be marked.

How to submit your assessment for marking

Extensions and Special Consideration

If it is available you can request an extension in My Open Polytechnic on the ‘Request an assessment extension’ page.

You must apply before the due date or before the end date of your course.

Learn more about extensions and how to apply for an assessment extension

If you need a longer extension or an extension beyond the course end date because of exceptional circumstances beyond your control, you can apply for special consideration for in-course assessments.

Application for special consideration 

Marking and results

Turnaround time for assessment marking is usually 15 working days. You will be able to see your mark or grade in My Open Polytechnic, and can find feedback from the marker to help you build on your learning in iQualify.

To find your feedback:

  • go to the 'Tasks' or 'Assessments' tab in your course in iQualify
  • click 'Go to page'
  • find the 'Show previous attempts' link at the bottom of the assessment information
  • click 'View' to see the marker sheet with your feedback.

You can set up notifications in iQualify so that you will know when your marking sheet is available. We recommend you do this so that if you do not pass and have a resubmission opportunity you will be notified in iQualify. You must resubmit within the time frame stated in your feedback.

How to set up notifications in iQualify


If you have any questions about your assessments please get in touch: