Message from Pule Ma’ata - Pasifika

Mālō nī, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Kia orāna, Tālofa lava, Mālō e lelei, Tālofa, Ni sa bula vinaka, Noa’ia, Mauri.

I have always believed that the step to consider study and make the decision to enrol in a course is truly brave. In fact, any leap into an unknown territory involves a sense of courage with the hope of being successful.


That’s why I admire our ancestors who without fancy gadgets and technology were able to navigate through the Pacific Ocean in search of a new life. A life that would enable them to settle roots and to exist and thrive in their newfound lands.

Fast forward to now these dreams haven’t changed.

Some of us have sailed the vaka to get to Aotearoa. Some of us are the offspring of those who came in search of a better life, with hopes and dreams of success. Rather than the old migration narrative, our one is evolving into a re-establishment and reaffirming one of our identity within Aotearoa.

An education system for you

Pacific people are one of the fastest growing populations, with an average age of 23.4 years. This shows that we will make up a considerable part of New Zealand's future workforce.

The training needed to contribute to New Zealand's economy needs an education system that is culturally insightful and responsive. Here at the Open Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga, this is what we are striving for.

We know that by deciding to study you have a sense of intent, a desire, a want, a need to embark on a journey. With hard work, the prayers and support of whānau, your journey should lead you to developing a set of skills and knowledge that leads you to success.

Pacific people are one of the fastest growing populations, with an average age of 23.4 years. 

Our mission

Our mission for our Pasifika learners had you in mind as we created it. Three priorities keep us at work across the board to:

  • Increase the levels of success for our Pasifika learners
  • Provide a culturally safe and responsive workforce
  • Ensure that organisation-wide policies and practices include Pasifika perspectives.

We hope this site will help you learn how we can help and support you in this part of your learning journey.

Rebekah Tuileto'a,
Pule Ma'ata – Pasifika

My villages are Foaluga Savaii, Vavau Aleipata and Salani in Samoa.