Find out about assessment types, how to submit assignments, what to do if you’re having problems, and how to get your results and what they mean. 

How your work will be assessed

Assessment is the way we determine whether you have met the learning outcomes of your course or not.

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Submitting your work in te reo Māori

The Open Polytechnic recognises te reo as one of the three official languages of New Zealand.

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Grading scales

Listed below are the grading scales which apply to Open Polytechnic offered qualifications.  There are some exceptions to these. 

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Submitting your assignment

This page contains information on how to send your completed work to us. You'll find more specific guidelines in your learning/course materials and/or your course page.

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Special consideration for assessment and exams

Special consideration may be approved and is intended to assist a student who, due to exceptional circumstances beyond their control, has been disadvantaged in comparison to other students.
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