Study fees

If you are a domestic student you may be eligible to have fees subsidised through the Ministry of Education.

You are a domestic student if you are:

  • a citizen of New Zealand, or a citizen of the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue, studying there or in New Zealand
  • a permanent resident of New Zealand (including Australian citizens or permanent residents) living in New Zealand.

If you are not one of the above, you are classified as an international student and must pay full fees.

Course fees

For specific course fees refer to the course pages. All fees are in New Zealand dollars and are GST inclusive.

If you are studying with us while living outside New Zealand, your fees are exempt from GST. The fees shown on this website are correct at time of publication, but may be subject to change. Final fee costs will be confirmed as part of your enrolment.

Annual administration fee

In addition to your course fees, you will need to pay an annual administration fee of $60.00 for your first enrolment each calendar year.

International handling charge

If you live outside New Zealand you will need to pay an international handling charge. For trimester enrolment courses this charge is paid per trimester. For open courses it is charged with each enrolment. The appropriate charge will be included on your fee quote.

The international handling charge relates to your postal address.

Area Handling charge
Australia $50.00
South Pacific region $70.00
East Asia and North America $95.00
Europe $105.00
Rest of the world $120.00

Other fees and costs

Services fees

All chargeable services are specified below.

Service fee schedule  $
Annual administration fee  60.00

Credit Recognition:

Credit Transfer Application No Fee
Cross Credit Application:  
From an Open Polytechnic course to another Open Polytechnic course            No Fee

From another institutions’ course to an Open Polytechnic course

^Fee is non refundable, regardless of application outcome.

50.00 per application^
Advanced Standing Application                                                                             No Fee

Recognition of Prior Learning Application

^^E.g. seeking recognition of a 20 credit course fee is 20 x $15.00 = $300

Note: Fee is non refundable regardless of application outcome. Fees must be received before applications can be considered.

Full criteria for Credit Recognition application forms can be found  here

15.00 per credit applied for ^^
Formal academic transcript 15.00
Replacement Open Polytechnic certificate 50.00
Reconsideration of a final result* 120.00
Reconsideration of individual assessment or final examination paper* 75.00
Examination resit 250.00
Overseas examination arrangements fee. This fee is not applicable if the international handling charge has been paid. 60.00
Resit withdrawal fee 50.00
Review of formal decision by Executive Director, Academic Services 50.00
Formal appeal 100.00

 * These fees will be refunded should the application result in an improved grade.

To apply for any of the above, go to the Service Application forms to find the appropriate form

Set textbooks

You may need set textbooks for some courses. The cost of set texts is not included in your enrolment fee.

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