Aegrotat consideration

If you are unable to attend your examination, or you sat your examination and think that your performance was impaired due to injury, illness, trauma or an exceptional circumstance beyond your control, you may apply for aegrotat consideration.


Aegrotat considerations only apply to your ability to sit the examination on the day of the examination. You cannot apply for aegrotat consideration if you have been unable to study or prepare for the examination.

To be awarded an aegrotat pass:

  • you must clearly be academically worthy of a pass
  • the circumstances for your application must be clearly unforeseen and unexpected.

You must also meet the criteria specified in the Open Polytechnic Academic Statute (PDF, 467KB, opens in new window). 


  • The aegrotat consideration process is not available if you have previously failed that examination and are resitting the exam.
  • There is a limit on the number of aegrotat passes that can be awarded per qualification.


How to apply

To apply for aegrotat consideration you must:

  • apply within 10 working days of the date of your examination
  • provide a report from a registered health professional who has examined you within 24 hours of the examination date
  • fill in the application form and email it in the first instance to, please post the original form along with supporting documentation, to the address details in the form.

Apply for Aegrotat Consideration (PDF, 298KB, opens in new window)


Need help

If you have any questions about applying for aegrotat consideration, or have been unable to study and prepare for your exams due to illness, injury or trauma contact the Services Team, Academic Registry to discuss your options:


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