Changes to your enrolment

Te whakahou i tō whakauru

Find out how you can change your enrolment to study a different course, or change your name, address or contact details. 

Changing course

If you need to change to a different course, you must contact us before your course start date. Requests for changes to your enrolment need to be in writing.

Your enrolment cannot be transferred to another person, as it is a legal contract between you and Open Polytechnic.


Transfer your course to another start date

If you would like to transfer your course to another start date, use the Course Transfer form linked to below.  You can only transfer your course to a new start date once, and need to submit the request no later than 28 days after the course start date. 

Change of name

We need to have your full legal name in our records to comply with Ministry of Education requirements and ensure we issue your qualifications in your full legal name.

If you change your name after you enrol with us, you can advise us of the change in My Open Polytechnic. Go to the ‘My account’ section, where you can edit your personal details.

You also need to send us a verified copy of the document that supports your name change before we can update our records.


Change of address or contact details

If you change your address or any other contact details let us know as soon as possible. This can be done in My Open Polytechnic in the ‘My account’ section. 


Moving overseas

If you were living in New Zealand when you enrolled, but move overseas you must let us know as soon as possible, as there will be implications for your study.

If you move overseas and your course has a final examination, contact our Academic Registry Services team:


Need help?

If you have any questions about changing your enrolment, please get in touch.