You can apply to graduate when you are enrolled in your last course(s) for your qualification or after you have completed all the requirements. You need to apply to graduate to have your qualification awarded and receive your certificate.

  • If your qualification is at certificate level, we will courier your award to you.
  • If your qualification is at diploma or degree level, you can choose to attend a graduation ceremony or be awarded your qualification in absentia. 

We will check your eligibility and contact you if needed.
You must have paid all fees to have your qualification awarded and be issued your official documentation. If you have any questions, contact us.

Learn more about the process for applying to graduate

If you have studied courses at another institute towards this qualification, you need apply to have them transferred onto your academic record with Open Polytechnic. If you have not already done this, complete and return the Application for Cross-Credit or Credit-Transfer

If you have studied at more than one education provider, the institution at which you completed most of your study will award your qualification.


Apply to graduate

Please login to My Open Polytechnic to check all your personal details and contact details are correct before you apply. Your courier package (requiring a signature) and/or graduation information will be sent to your postal address.

Select the application form for your qualification (certificate, diploma or degree) from the options below.

Application for the award of a New Zealand Certificate or an Open Polytechnic Certificate (including Graduate Certificates)

Application for award of a New Zealand Diploma or an Open Polytechnic Diploma (including Graduate Diplomas)

Application for award of a Degree


Attending a graduation ceremony – New Zealand Diploma, Open Polytechnic Diploma or Degree

You can receive your award at a graduation ceremony if you are graduating with:

  • a New Zealand Diploma
  • Open Polytechnic Diploma (including Graduate Diplomas)
  • Degree.

Alternatively, you can receive your award in absentia, and we will send it to you by courier (a signature is required).  Please check and update your address in MyOP is correct.

 Graduation ceremonies are held each year.  To attend you need to apply before the closing date for each ceremony. After this date we will send you further information about the graduation ceremony.

Further details are on the Attending a graduation ceremony page linked here:

Attending a graduate ceremony


Certificate level awards and receiving your award by courier

If you have completed a certificate level qualification, or not able to attend a ceremony, we will courier your award to you with an academic transcript, a signature will be required.

If you are eligible to attend a graduation ceremony, your name and award will be listed in the in-absentia section of the graduation booklet. 


Lost or damaged certificates

Electronic copies of academic transcripts and certificates are not available.

If your certificate is lost or damaged, please contact us by email with details and the relevant evidence.
A service fee applies for the re-issue of a certificate.

  • If it is lost, you must provide evidence of this, such as a police report or other relevant documentation.
  • If it is damaged, you must return it to us.


Need help?

If you have any questions about applying to graduate contact our Academic Registry by email or phone: