Communication skills are essential for most careers. Whether your job involves writing reports, proposals, or business cases, or preparing presentations and speeches, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is vital. The courses that make up our communication qualifications are not only academically rigorous, but vocational and applied. 

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Our communication qualifications include certificates, diplomas and degrees. You can take communication as a major in either our Bachelor of Arts or our Bachelor of Applied Science degrees, and you can combine your communication major with another major in information and library studies, environment, or psychology. You can browse our qualifications below.

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We have courses to teach you writing skills, business communication, public relations theory and practice, organisational communication and communication management. We also offer courses in interpersonal and intercultural communication. If you just want to enrol in a single course (or a few courses) to meet your study or professional development goals, taking our Course Only option could be right for you.

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