Writing assessments

Tips to get you started on your assessment, including how to understand the assessment topic, plan your assessment, academic writing and formatting. 

  • Step-by-step guide to tackling assessments

    The most important thing to remember when starting work on your assessment is to start – and start early. These steps will help you to get going.

  • Assessment types

    Get an overview of the most common assessment types you may be asked to do as part of your studies.

  • Plan your assessment

    Planning your assessment will help you get focused and keep you on track. It will also help make writing your assessment easier.

  • Understand your assessment task

    Before you start working on your assessment make sure you understand what you have been asked to do.

  • Writing skills

    Information on academic writing and some tips to help you with your assessment writing skills.

  • Formatting and presenting assessments

    Find out how to format and present your assessments correctly before you submit them for marking.  You can also find a link to the Assessment Word Limit Policy on this page.

  • Assessments information

    Find out how to submit assessments, ensure academic integrity, what to do if you’re having problems, and how to access and understand your results.