Distance learning with us

This section you can find out about distance learning with Open Polytechnic, including how studying with us works, how we’ll support you and what we offer international students.

  • Our distance learning difference

    What’s our distance learning difference? It’s the almost 30,000 students who join us each year to study and achieve their career and personal goals. 

  • How studying by distance with us works

    Distance learning with Open Polytechnic means we bring the classroom to you. Find out how it all works on this page.

  • How much time will you need?

    How much time is needed for distance learning is different for everyone. Find out how to  estimate how much time you may need to study and complete your course.

  • Student, graduate and employer feedback

    We regularly gain feedback from our students, graduates and their employers to help us ensure we’re meeting their needs, and see how distance learning with us has benefitted them.

  • International students

    We can help you study by distance learning in your own time and place and achieve your goals, where ever that may be.