Special Consideration for in-course assessments

You can apply for special consideration if your ability to attempt or prepare for an assessment has been seriously affected by exceptional circumstances beyond your control.

Exceptional circumstances are incidents, events or conditions beyond your control that could not have reasonably been foreseen or planned for at the time you enrolled.

Your Special Consideration Application must normally be submitted no later than the assessment due date and before the course end date.

Learners must submit assessments on or before the due date as shown on your My Open Polytechnic (MyOP) learner dashboard or apply for an extension or Special Consideration.

Check you have applied for extensions first

The Extension and Special Consideration processes apply to all learners. 

Check you have applied for your assessment extensions through My Open Polytechnic (MyOP) (click ‘Assessment extension’ in the top menu) before applying for Special Consideration. If you can see your course and assessment number on the list – please apply for an extension you. After submitting an extension application, you will receive an email notification once your extension request has been processed.

More in information on extensions is on the page linked below:

How to request an assessment extension

How to apply for Special Consideration

The Special Consideration application process applies to all learners. Please read the information below and on the form about the supporting documentation (evidence) you can provide to support your application. Evidence or a document is required to submit the form.

  1. Fill in the Special Consideration form linked to below. Carefully check you have included the correct Course and assessment information.
  2. Include supporting documentation about your circumstances (confidentiality is maintained). Do not include photographs as these are not acceptable proof of circumstances.
  3. Include details about your preferred study outcome if your application for Special Consideration is approved. The possible outcomes are:
    • an extension of time to complete an assessment. This may be longer than your enrolment period.  Or,
    • transfer of your enrolment to the next available offering. Courses transferred under special consideration can only be transferred once, and are not eligible for a refund if you apply to withdraw in the new enrolment period. Or,
    • withdrawal. This may be approved with full or partial refund, or no refund taking into consideration the circumstances and evidence provided that covers the related enrolment period.

After you submit the form, you will receive an email with a copy of the form.
Your application will be reviewed by the Academic Registry team as soon as possible.  You will be sent an email, to advise you of the decision, or to seek more information or evidence if needed. 

Apply for special consideration



  • Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, Learner rights and conduct - the regulations (Te-Kawa-Maiorooro section 6.5, (2) and the Academic Statute section 11.3.3) and the policies and procedures as published on the website or emailed to you.
  • Your enrolment cannot be transferred to another person as it is a legal contract between you and Open Polytechnic.
  • Courses transferred under special consideration can only be transferred once and are not eligible for a refund if the learner withdraws in the new enrolment period.
  • Special consideration is not available for examinations. Go to the Exam information section for your options.


Need help?

If you have any questions about special consideration for assessment get in touch.