Paying your fees

When you apply to study with us you only pay for courses as you apply to enrol in them, but you need to pay your fees before the start date of your course.

The annual administration fee is also payable with your first enrolment in each calendar year, and is non-refundable.

Fee payment options

You can pay your fees by:

Credit card (MasterCard and Visa only). You will be emailed a quote with a link to our online credit card payment site when your enrolment is approved.
Internet or branch banking. We are registered with all major banks to receive payment via online banking. You need to use your Open Polytechnic student ID number as a reference when making your payments.
Student loan. Contact StudyLink for information on student loans, including what courses are approved for payment by student loans. You can also check the course page for information on this. You should contact them as soon as you apply for enrolment with us.
Corporate account or contract. A letter of authorisation from the corporate account holder must be included in your application for enrolment.

Paying your fees with a student loan

StudyLink is the government agency that manages student loans. You need to contact them when you apply to enrol to apply for a student loan. For more information check our Student loans information or Studylink.

Student loans
Student loan at a glance – Studylink website (opens in new window)

Fees Liability if you withdraw from your course

If you withdraw from your course during the refund period and have not yet paid your fees, your account will be debited with the refund amount less all non-refundable fees. This includes the $60.00 annual administration fee, which you will still need to pay. You will be subject to debt collection processes if you do not.

All applications to withdraw must be in writing.

If you withdraw from your course and have not paid your fees, they must still be paid along with any applicable withdrawal fees. Normal debt collection processes will be followed.

If you do not withdraw formally you must pay your fees, even if you do not submit any work.

If your fees were to be paid by Student Loan and you cancel your loan, you must also apply in writing to withdraw as you will remain liable for any applicable fees.

Note: When you receive access to your course materials check them carefully. Conditions apply if you wish to apply to withdraw, and receive a refund of your fees (less any non-refundable fees – see Terms and Conditions of Enrolment).

Terms and conditions of enrolment (PDF, 54KB, opens new window)

Inland Revenue interest write-off

If you have a student loan or intend to apply for one, we will ask for your IRD number when you apply to enrol. This is so that Inland Revenue can determine if you are eligible for a full student loan interest write-off.
We will send your IRD number to the Ministry of Education, who sends it to Inland Revenue along with your full-time or part-time study status so that they can assess your eligibility for the write off.

Getting a copy of your fees receipt

If you would like a copy of your fees receipt/invoice contact us. You can help by ensuring we have your correct address details in My Open Polytechnic.

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