Real Estate Continuing Professional Development (Level 5) (Full Verifiable Training)


Open Polytechnic is accredited by the Real Estate Authority (REA) to provide Verifiable and Non-Verifiable continuing education to help with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

The aim of this programme is to offer continuing professional development courses for people who are employed in the Real Estate industry. 

Complete your 10 hours of verifiable training online, and gain the flexibility to study when it suits you.  We offer a complete 10 hour course at a cost of just  $94.78 + GST ($109 inc GST.)

Our 2024 verifiable training will cover the following topics:

  • Dealing with customers and clients fairly (mandatory)
  • Managing your licence and regulatory obligations (mandatory)
  • Natural disasters and weather events: disclosure, risks and issues
  • Social Media & Digital Communications: avoiding harm, common risks and issues
  • Supervision - process, planning and practice
  • Physical Property Inspections
  • Sale and purchase agreements: common issues and best practice - Version 3 (Updated)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Bundle Deal 

Bundle your Verifiable Training with Non Verifiable Training and receive 40% off your Non-Verifiable Course. Navigate to the Course Selection page to choose your course  enrolment date and get your Verifiable Training completed early. 

2023 Verifiable Training 

If you have revived your licence that had been suspended for 12 months or less, and it was suspended across different calendar years, you will be required to complete the previous years Verifiable Training.

Click here to Register for our 2023 Verifiable Training.

Refresher Training 

We also offer Refresher Training  for those who have suspended their licence for $99 +GST ($114 inc GST)