New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design (Level 4)


The aim of this programme is for people to gain experience in producing creative and effective outcomes using current digital technology.

You will learn to apply creative design theory to produce practical outcomes, that will enable you to transfer learned skills to the real world as well as preparing for further academic study, especially but not exclusively in design.

You will also be given the opportunity to explore your own cultural and personal interests through research and practical application in design and creative contexts.

What you will learn

  • Apply problem-solving skills in a digital media and design context
  • Apply and manage a design process to project briefs with some guidance
  • Apply fundamental skills in digital media and design to project briefs
  • Define own digital media and design work in a range of contexts, work collaboratively in a team, and critique own work and the work of others
  • Explain the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and explore opportunities for self within the digital media and design industry.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this qualification will have the skills and knowledge to fill assistant and/or support roles in various industries. Those areas might include advertising, web design, in-house design studio and news media. Graduates of this qualification may undertake further tertiary study at diploma or degree level in the fields of design, media, and/or art. 

Maximum Programme Completion Time 

To be awarded the qualification, the programme must be completed in no more than 3 years of first enrolment, unless there are exceptional circumstances.