New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4)


Closed to new enrolments

Gain the skills to carry out a broad range of support roles as a project team member and take responsibility for some parts of a project(s). Graduates of this qualification will be able to support the management of a project(s) under broad guidance in a bi - and multi-cultural environment.

Update for new learners

NZ2462 New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4) (Version 1) is closed to new learners.

A new Te Pūkenga programme (Version 2) of this qualification is open for enrolment here.

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Update for re-enrolling learners

If you were already enrolled in NZ2462 New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4) (Version 1) prior to 28 June 2023 you can continue to complete your qualification.

Please note, to be awarded Version 1 of this qualification you need to have  been enrolled in your last course(s) by 27 June 2023 and complete all course requirements by 31 December 2023. 

Alternatively, you can cross-credit courses  from Version 1 into Te Pūkenga Version 2, now it is available.

The following table shows the completed courses you will be able to cross credit into the new Te Pūkenga programme (Version 2):

Open Polytechnic Version 1 Course Te Pūkenga Version 2 Equivalent Course
NZCP401 Introduction to Project Management BSNS4601 Introduction to Project Management
NZCP402 Scope Management BSNS4602 Scope Management
NZCP403 Lead a Project Component BSNS4603 Project Components
NZCP404 Management Project Monitoring and Controlling BSNS4604 Project Monitoring and Control


If you have any questions, or need assistance with a study plan, please contact us.


What you will learn 

When you achieve this qualification you will be able to: 

  • Apply project management knowledge to support the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing of a project(s) 
  • Lead aspects of a project(s) under broad guidance 
  • Select and use project management tools and techniques appropriate to the project management task 
  • Collaborate and contribute to the achievement of objectives 
  • Communicate information clearly to stakeholders 
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviour, in a socially and culturally appropriate manner 
  • Manage self to contribute to the project’s performance 
  • Determine solutions for operational issues in a project(s) 
  • Comply with internal policies, and legislation and other external requirements for the entity 


Career opportunities 

Graduates of this qualification will have the skills and knowledge to be employed in a variety of business entities in project support roles.  Graduates will also be able to contribute to community groups in volunteer project roles. 


Study pathways 

Achievement of this qualification may lead to further study in: 

  • The New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) with strands in Accounting, Administration and Technology, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Sales, and Project Management) relevant industry and/or academic certifications and/or qualifications. 


Maximum Programme Completion Time 

The last date for assessment of courses in this version of the programme is 31 December 2023. To be awarded this version you will need to be enrolled in your last course(s) by July 2023, and successfully complete all courses that make up this programme by 31 December 2023.

We have now opened Version 2 of the programme and you will be able to transition to Version 2 if you are unable to complete version 1 before the last date for assessment.