Thought, Memory and Language

Course code 73212

This course introduces students to the study of knowing, including how we acquire information from our environment, store it in memory, and use it to communicate, solve problems, and make decisions.  The study of cognition also provides students with links to topics in our other psychology courses, particularly cognitive views of learning, cognitive aspects of social psychology, and clinical applications that emphasize faulty thinking processes. The learning guide focuses on experiments in cognition, encouraging students to think about how cognitive models and theories can be tested and improved. 


How to enrol

Before enrolling in this course you need to:

  • Choose the qualification you will study the course under. See the Work towards tab below for qualification options.
  • Check the order that courses in the qualification should be studied in the Qualification Structure table. This is in the Choose courses tab on the qualification page.

Upon completion of the course you will be familiar with

  • Introducing Cognitive Psychology
  • Perception and Attention
  • Remembering and Forgetting
  • Long-Term Memory
  • General Knowledge
  • Mental Imagery
  • Drawing conclusions and solving problems
  • Language Comprehension and Production
  • Reasoning and Decision Making
  • A Panorama of Applications.


To study this course you will require access to a computer, the Internet and email.


There is a textbook required for this course. Visit our textbook page for more information.


60% In-course

40% Examination

There are two in-course assessments where you must design, conduct, and write up an experiment testing aspects of cognition. These experiments build on what was learned in 73195/73196 by giving you a larger role in creating materials, developing procedures, and evaluating hypotheses. 

For more information and a full list of exam times see our examinations page.

Lecturer / Tutor