New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) (Construction Management) [Version 1]

The New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) (Construction Management), will give you the skills and knowledge needed to work as a construction manager or consultant.

Update for new learners

This version of NZ242001 New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) (Construction Management) (Version 1) will close to new learners after 9 July 2024.

A new version, Version 2, of the programme is now  open for enrolment.  If you have not previously completed courses in Version 1 of the programme, we recommend you apply to enrol in the new Version 2 programme.  Click on the link below for more information

Construction Management V2

Update for re-enrolling learners

Learners who were already enrolled in Version 1 can keep enrolling in this version of the programme until the last enrolment intake on 9 July 2024.

 You can complete Version 1 if you are close to finishing, or transition to the new Version 2 of the programme as the courses become available.

Construction Management V2

Please note that, unless there are exceptional circumstances, all courses in this programme should be successfully completed within 6 years from your first enrolment.

 To be awarded Version 1 of this programme, you must be enrolled in your final course(s) by 9 July 2024, and successfully complete all programme requirements by 31 December 2024.

 If you currently have 60 credits or less left to complete in Version 1 of the programme, we recommend you complete the remaining courses under Version 1.

 To complete Version 1, please note the following last dates for enrolment:

Course information

Last offerings


All courses in the programme (15 credits each)


March 2024 (enrolments close 12 March)

April 2024 (enrolments close 9 April)

May 2024 (enrolments close 7 May)

June 2024 (enrolments close 11 June)

July 2024 (enrolments close 9 July)


If you have more than 60 credits remaining to complete Version 1 of the qualification, please continue enrolling in Version 1 courses until 9 July 2024. For enrolments after 9 July 2024, you will need to enrol in Version 2 courses as the new courses become available.

 If you transition into Version 2, we can provide advice to you on a study plan that takes into account the Version 1 courses you have already completed or are currently already enrolled in.

 To find out how much credit you will be awarded (advanced standing) and which courses you would then need to complete in Version 2, please fill out the form on our website and we will be in touch with a study plan.

 If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us.


Employment pathways 

When you graduate with  The New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) (Construction Management),  you will be able to work as a Construction Management technician. 

 As your experience develops and with more training you could move into the following roles: 

  • residential or commercial construction site/project manager
  • contracting construction manager/site/project manager
  • property manager 
  • contracts supervisor/manager 
  • local or central government building inspector 
  • construction management tutor. 

Skills you will develop 

When you complete this programme, you will be able to: 

  • understand and apply knowledge of the roles, standard documentation and administrative requirements of the construction industry 
  • communicate in a construction related context 
  • operate within the statutory and regulatory environment as it applies to the construction and design of buildings 
  • manage construction and resource allocation, programming and activities, for medium and large buildings 
  • understand the principles related to the provision of services 
  • apply a broad knowledge of the structure and structural principles for building work including foundations, substructure, the envelope and the interior, and passive fire protection systems for medium and large buildings 
  • understand the principles related to the provision of services 
  • select materials and finishes for building projects, taking into account environmental aspects of the design and construction techniques to be used 
  • analyse, select and administer construction contracts including the preparation of a tender submission from trade sections and other financial components, and value building works up to and including final account statements 
  • work in a team and identify organisational principles in a construction and consulting environment. 
  • develop construction plans and methodologies for medium buildings 
  • create technical sketches to communicate information relevant to the project 
  • assist with general construction management tasks. 

 Maximum Programme Completion Time

To be awarded the qualification, the programme must be completed in no more than 6 years of first enrolment, unless there are exceptional circumstances.