This online course will enable you to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and laws of mechanics.

The course will cover the following:

  • FBD for beams with point and uniformly distributed loads
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment diagrams.
  • Basic mechanical theory as applied to 2-dimensional systems
  • Systems of static loads and simple frameworks
  • Centroid, centre of gravity and moment of inertia
  • Bending stresses. Selection of sections from tables. Torsional shear stresses in solid and hollow shafts. Polar second moments of area.
  • Work and energy, linear and angular momentum
  • Forces and linear and angular motion

Learners who successfully complete this online course will be able to:

  • Analyse basic theory, principles and applications of forces and moments in mechanics and engineering.
  • Calculate indirect stresses (bending and torsion) in mechanical components and select appropriate sections from standard tables.
  • Analyse the forces, moments, torques, work and energy, including conservation of energy, resulting from linear acceleration, rotational acceleration and centripetal acceleration.
  • Apply the basic principles of fluid analysis.

Course update

This course replaced DE4302 – Mechanics; completion of DE4302 – Mechanics will fulfil the same prerequisite requirements as DE5305 – Mechanics.


  • Assignment 20%
  • Laboratory (Practical) 30 %
  • Examination 50%

For information on examinations, including a full list of exam times see our examination information:

Examination information

Assessments for this course include an examination that you need to attend in-person.

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Lab Requirements

A two and a half day laboratory is a requirement of this course.  The venue for this laboratory may be located in either Christchurch, Wellington, or Auckland. 

For courses starting in February or March, laboratories will be held during the term 1 school holidays.  For courses starting in June or July, laboratories will be during the term 3 school holidays.

Your lecturer/tutor will confirm the actual dates within the first week of the course, however you can click here for school holiday dates to give you a guideline for planning.

Computer and internet requirements

To complete this course you will need access to a laptop or desktop computer, reliable broadband internet connection and a data plan able to support online learning such as streaming of videos (including YouTube), downloading content, and writing and submitting online assessments. If you are unsure if your current computer or internet access allows you to complete your online learning with us, please contact us before applying to enrol.

Work towards

You can do this course as part of these qualifications:

Certificate of Proficiency

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