Social Work, the Law and Ethical Decision Making

Course code 77332

During this course you will critically evaluate the way in which the law-making functions of the state apply in selected social work practice domains.

You will explore the rights and duties of citizens, identify legislation relevant to particular practice situations, and explain the implications of the law for practice.

You will also: demonstrate an awareness of different cultural perspectives, including Māori perspectives for describing ethical and legal action in social work contexts; assess ethical issues, dilemmas and conflicts; and propose defensible ethical arguments to support decision-making in complex practice situations.

How to enrol

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Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • Critically analyse ethical and cultural issues, dilemmas and conflicts in social work practice situations.
  • Evaluate the practice implications of relevant legislation for particular practice situations.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of different cultural perspectives, including Māori perspectives on legal and ethical decision-making in social work contexts.
  • Use evidence to construct arguments for legally and ethically defensible decisions in complex practice situations.


This course is 100% internally assessed

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