Personality and Individual Differences

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Personality has often been defined as the collection of attitudes, emotions, feelings, and behaviours that distinguishes one individual from another over time and different situations. It is clear that the behaviours, abilities, and attitudes of our friends and families are not only similar to ours but also different. This course examines the concept of personality, and compares different theoretical approaches (ranging from Freud to Eysenck) that attempt to explain differences in personality and abilities. The course will allow students to gain insight into how personality may be subjectively and objectively measured. The course will provide both theoretical and practical insights into personality and individual differences.

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Once you have completed this course and 73325 Psychological Assessment as part of a psychology major of a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, you can be considered for test user registration at Level C through the New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

Topics covered include

  • definitions of personality
  • major theories of personality, such as the psychoanalytic, cognitive and humanistic approaches
  • objective and projective tests of personality and their use in, for example, therapeutic and organisational settings
  • interviewing; and
  • issues in measurement, such as reliability and validity.


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