Online study is studying where and when it suits you, with our support. 

All our courses are delivered online and almost 30,000 students join us each year to study and achieve their career and personal goals. You could join us too.

Sounds great! But do I have time?

See if you have enough time to study by using our handy online time calculator.

The calculator will help you work out where you spend your time over the course of a week, and will let you know how many hours you do or don't have each week to allocate to study.

Just click on the image below to access the calculator.

OK,  I have the time, but how does online learning even work?

Online learning with Open Polytechnic is done in our learning platform called iQualify.

We created it ourselves to work for students who don’t go to class. It's perfect for students who need to study where and when they need to. Students who can’t always carry around a load of resources, but can grab their laptop or have their phone at hand.

With iQualify you get all your course content in one place, as well as a place to contact with your lecturer or other students, and keep your study notes.

And we’re not the only ones using iQualify. We’re proud to say iQualify works for distance and classroom learning. It is being used by other training providers, schools, government agencies and organisations.

Will I feel all  alone if I study online? What support will I get from Open Polytechnic?

Just because you study in your own space, it doesn't mean you'll be alone in the course.

We have over 400 people at our Lower Hutt campus who are all here to support you, right from day 1 - and then there's also the talk channels with the other learners in your course. 


Watch the video below to see what some of our graduates think about studying with us


OK, this sounds great - what courses do you offer?

We have over 50 different programmes available in many subjects from certificate to degree.

Take a look at our Choose Courses page to see the subject areas we offer, and go from there.

Choose courses

And if you're still not sure, just contact our customer services team and ask to speak to a student advisor for some guidance.