Submitting your assignment

This page contains information on how to send your completed work to us. You'll find more specific guidelines in your learning/course materials and/or your course page.

Before you send in your work

Do a final check and make sure you have

  • completed, and included, all parts of the assignment.
  • proofread your work; if it’s a softcopy (electronic copy) use a spell checker but remember that a spell checker won't pick up every mistake. Also check the references and appendices, if applicable.
  • made a copy of your assignment for your own files and as a backup in case the original is lost. (And remember, when your marked work is returned, you should keep it for at least six months after you have completed your course).

How to reference

How to send your assignments to the Open Polytechnic

Depending on your course, you may have the option of 

  • posting your assignment, or
  • submitting it electronically via your course.

If you have any questions about submitting your assignment please contact us

Submitting your assignment electronically

  • Most assignments can be submitted electronically via the course page on your learning platform. Submitting assignments electronically allows us to log and track your work through our systems.
  • Check your course page for guidelines on how to submit your work via your learning platform; if this isn’t clear, freephone 0508 650 200 and ask for help.
  • Please don’t email your work to your lecturer or anyone else at the Open Polytechnic.


  • Online submission of assignments is not available for all courses. Contact your course tutor if you need clarification.
  • We cannot provide you with copies of marked assessments that were submitted online from past enrolment periods.

Posting your assignment

  • Make sure all the pages are included, that the pages are numbered and your details are included on each page.
  • Staple the assignment in the top left corner only.
  • Attach the Assessment Return Sheet (coversheet) provided with your course material – this is very important as the barcode on the Assessment Return Sheet is used to log and track your assignment.
  • Make sure you use the correct Assessment Return Sheet - check your name, address and student ID. If the information is incorrect, please let us know.
  • Please don't use the wrong Assessment Return Sheet as the barcode will be wrong too and we won’t be able to log or track your assignment.
  • If you don’t have an Assessment Return Sheet, contact your lecturer and ask for one.
  • Post your assignment in the freepost, self-addressed envelope provided.


  • Don’t post, fax or email assessments directly to your lecturer or the Open Polytechnic, as they won’t be tracked, read or marked.
  • Send in one copy of your assignment only.
  • Check your deadlines and make every effort to submit your assignment by the due date. If you are not able to meet a due date, contact your lecturer as soon as possible – don’t wait until after the due date has passed. You may be granted an extension of up to two weeks but this is not a right and you can't assume that you will be given an extension.