Submitting your assignment

For most of our courses, you can submit your assignments online from your course pages. This page has information on how you can submit your assignments online. 

Remember to check your deadlines and try to submit your assignments by the due date. If you can’t make the due date contact your lecturer as soon as possible, and apply for an assessment extension in My Open Polytehnic. You may get an extension of up to two weeks.


Before you send in your work

Do a final check and make sure you have:

  • completed and included all parts of the assignment.
  • proofread your work. Use a spell checker, but remember it won't pick up every mistake. 
  • check the references and appendices. 
  • keep a copy of your assignment in case the original gets lost.

How to reference


Submitting your assignment online

You can submit most of your assignments online from your course pages. This will help ensure they don’t get lost.

To submit the assignment in iQualify:

    1. Go to your course’s homepage.
    2. Select the ‘Assessments’ tab to go to a list of all assessments for that course.
    3. Click on the relevant assessment.
    4. Click the ‘Add file’ button so you can choose where you want to upload the file from (e.g. your computer or online files). 
    5. Once you upload your file it will appear under the ‘Uploaded file’ section. This confirms the file is uploaded, but not submitted. 
    6. To change the file, click X to remove it, and upload a new file.
    7. Push submit to submit your assignment for marking.
    8. If your course is in Moodle, check your course page for how to submit your assignment. If this isn’t clear get in touch.

Contact us


  • Do not email your work to your lecturer or anyone else at the Open Polytechnic. It may get lost. 
  • We cannot provide you with copies of marked assessments from past enrolment periods that you submitted online.
  • When you get your marked assignment back, keep it for reference for future courses you may study.


Posting your assignment

Before you post your assignment:

  • number all pages and include your details on each page.
  • make sure all the pages are included and staple the assignment in the top left corner only. 
  • make sure you have the correct Assessment Return Sheet (coversheet) provided with your course material. Check your name, address and student ID. If the information is incorrect, please let us know. 
  • attach the Assessment Return sheet. This is very important as we use the barcode on the sheet to log and track your assignment. If you use the wrong Assessment Return Sheet the barcode will be wrong and we won’t be able to log or track your assignment. 
  • if you don’t have an Assessment Return Sheet, contact your lecturer and ask for one. 
  • post your assignment in the freepost, self-addressed envelope provided.


  • Don’t post, fax or email assessments to your lecturer or the Open Polytechnic, as they won’t be tracked, read or marked. 
  • Only send in one copy of your assignment.


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