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Learning Engine is a Moodle LMS environment established for the delivery of smaller learning assets, assessment-only solutions and micro-credentials or badging. It provides organisations with a landing page for learners to gain course information and enrol easily.


Enrolling in our Learning Engine courses

There are two main methods for enrolling in our courses on Learning Engine.

  1. You can self-enrol in a course by using the Enrol me button on a course you've chosen
  2. You need to receive an email invitation from your employer or organisation.


Self-enrolment courses

Enrolment Process

If you’ve already chosen a course or found the perfect one from Exploring our course catalogue, you can use the Go to course button and follow the instructions to self-enrol. The first time you try to enrol, you will be prompted to create an account (see the Creating your account page).

Current self-enrolment courses include:


Invitation-only enrolment courses

These courses require an organisation to authorise your enrolment. They will communicate directly with you or your employer and arrange to send you a personal "Invitation to enrol" email. This email includes a link that contains a code that authorises your access to the course. The first time you try to enrol, you will be prompted to create an account (see the Creating your account page).

Current invitation-only enrolment courses include:


Tips for completing enrolment for invitation-only courses

Enrolment Step 1

Enrolment Step 2

  • If you are expecting an invitation to enrol email but haven't received one, check your spam/junk folder. If you still can't find it, contact your employer or organisation and let them know you need course access.
  • Read the instructions in the "Invitation to enrol" email carefully before you begin.
  • You must complete all the steps for creating your account:
    • Login for the first time in one continuous process using the same browser, on the same device.
    • If this process gets interrupted, you will still be able to create your account and login, but you may not automatically see your course.
    • If this happens, once you have created your account, go back to your "Invitation to enrol" email and click the Enrol now link again. 

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