Sharnia Meade

Sharnia Meade

Sharnia Meade is studying towards a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Communication & Psychology.

She began in 2018, and chose to do the Applied Science bachelor with the hopes of progressing to becoming a clinical psychologist after further postgraduate study.

A wanderlust traveller at heart, Sharnia says, “The Open Polytechnic made study easier, giving me the freedom to work on my own schedule and more time to travel and spend with loved ones.”

“I love having access to all the information I need to study 24/7 which allows me to do my study at night on busy days.”

Sharnia joined the Student Advisory Group to be a voice for the improvement of distance education in New Zealand. “I had previously studied by distance and so I felt I could provide ideas for change from a different perspective,” she says.

With the future goal of being a clinical psychologist, Sharnia says, “I want to provide assistance to disadvantaged communities, as well as work in rural communities where access to various healthcare services in limited and do further research into controversial topics such as gaming disorders which may benefit youth in New Zealand.”

Passionate about both humans and animals, Sharnia wants to help all creatures. In her free time she enjoys bird watching and feeding.

Sharnia plans to finish her studies mid-2020.