Jayson Jury

Jayson Jury

Jayson Jury started studying with Open Polytechnic in 2013 and is currently studying part-time a Bachelor of Business (Management) after having already completed a Bachelor of Information Technology in 2017.

“I made the choice to study at Open Polytechnic because I felt like I needed to develop different sets of skills and knowledge than what I currently possess.”

“After completing the Bachelor of Information Technology, I relealized that I still wanted to do more study and having done some core business courses previously in the Bachelor of Business, I decided to finish that off but with just the (management) speciality,” Jayson explains.

Jayson works full-time and chose to study with Open Polytechnic so that he didn’t have to give up work or organise time off to attend physical class sessions.

He says, “I do most of my study after work and on the weekends, with the iQualify system it also makes it easy to view course content while I am at work and have downtime.”

Jayson joined the Advisory Group through an automatic appointment he got by being a student member of the Academic Board. He explains, “They give students a voice to help with the planning and continued development that happen at OP to make our courses relevant.”