Cheryl Marriner

Cheryl Marriner

Wanting to learn more about the outdoors, Cheryl Marriner started studying in 2012 by taking the Introduction to Ecology paper.  She explains, “Spending time in the outdoors made me realise how little I knew about Aotearoa's natural environment.”

Seven years later in 2019, she graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environment). Learning didn’t stop there for Cheryl who is currently studying horticulture in the hopes of sharpening up her gardening skills.

Cheryl aims to one day combine her passion for the environment with her longstanding career in financial services. She says, “I currently lead an amazing team of risk management experts in financial services. Hopefully one day I'll be in a role that blends both the environment and financial services together.”

“I chose to study through the Open Polytechnic for 2 reasons – firstly, a trusted brand who’s been around for decades, and secondly, being busy meant I could study at my own pace via distance learning.”

Cheryl is both a member of the Academic board and the Student Advisory Group. “Being a student member of the Academic Board automatically appoints me into the Student Advisory Group. Both mechanisms are key for students to have a voice,” she says.

Outside of work and study, Cheryl enjoys travelling and spending time in New Zealand's outdoors taking photos. “For some downtime, I enjoy reading a bit of Clive Cussler,” she says.