Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering)


If you have an interest in supporting or developing real life solutions by analysing, designing and constructing infrastructure facilities, and want to work as an Engineering Technologist, this online engineering programme is for you.

Further, if you have an aptitude for mathematics and science, and want to work as a technologist, the Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering) is certainly for you.

Civil engineering technologists work on the design, construction and maintenance of:

  • roads and bridges
  • building structures
  • water and wastewater plants
  • environmental protection works, etc.

This online engineering qualification will give you the theoretical, analytical, practical, and communication skills required as a Civil Engineering Technologist in the fields of Water and Waste Water or Roading and Transportation.

What you will learn

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering) graduates will be able to:

  • understand and apply knowledge of engineering fundamentals
  • understand and apply knowledge of the basic sciences, including computing and mathematics relevant to this subject
  • use a systems approach to understand and improve engineering outcomes
  • develop engineering designs
  • adapt, apply and implement technologies relevant to this field
  • schedule, manage and complete engineering projects
  • communicate effectively with members of the engineering team and other professionals and individuals
  • make sound decisions based on open-mindedness, objectivity and reasoned analysis
  • work well in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams
  • have the capacity to be a leader or manager 
  • apply problem-solving techniques, including problem identification, formulation and solution, initiative, innovation and creativity
  • investigate and report on situations or the behaviour of a system, using standard techniques
  • manage work, under time and resource constraints
  • adapt to changing circumstances and master new knowledge, technologies, and techniques.
  • gather and use information from the range of relevant sources
  • understand and operate effectively within the cultural environments in which engineering technologists practice in local, national and global contexts
  • practise in a professional manner informed by a knowledge and acceptance of the economic, ethical, legal, professional and workplace responsibilities of an engineering technologist
  • understand and accept the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities of an engineering technologist.

 Career opportunities

With this qualification you can work in a range of areas, including:

  • with a local authority
  • working in a consulting engineer’s practice
  • working for a civil engineering contractor.

Practical Laboratory and Practical Sessions

While our study programme is all online, some courses require you to attend laboratory and practical sessions in person. 

The courses that require labs include MG5002, MG5006, MG5008, MG5009 and MG5107. The duration of each lab is between one and three days and you will be informed about the lab location and the date at the beginning of your course. See the individual course pages for more details. Note that you will need to make your own travel arrangements and pay for your travel cost. 

Full or part-time study

You can study this programme full or part time (subject to course availability). Part-time study is one or two courses per trimester.

If you wish to study full-time you must have seek approval from the Programme Leader of the degree.

Contact us to talk about your study options

Maximum Programme Completion Time

To be awarded the qualification, the programme must be completed in no more than 10 years of first enrolment, unless there are exceptional circumstances.