Earning while she learned

Skye Magic
  • Property manager

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Human Anatomy and Structural Biology and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Otago University, Skye moved to Wellington to start her working career.

While completing her masters, Skye worked on development planning for a new resort venture in Nelson with a developer who focused on the sustainable aspects of property development. Skye managed a research project looking at best practice in sustainable building and resort management.  “I really enjoyed the project but when the recession became more evident the project was postponed. The idea was for me to be involved in the project from its onset to managing the process and being involved with selling the final product. I decided, given the economic climate, that it was the perfect opportunity to get my real estate license so I could offer more to developers in the future.”

Distance study best option

Skye chose Open Polytechnic because she could study when it suited her. “I could start straight away and could study at my own speed whenever it suited. This was great as I could finish the assignments quickly and get my studies completed.” 

Being able to earn as she learned was a huge draw card for Skye. “I really enjoyed the flexibility of study at Open Polytechnic. It allowed me to dictate the hours I spent working and studying. This enabled me to get qualified while working part-time and maintaining an income.” 

Having previously studied at University Skye wasn’t sure what to expect from polytechnic study, but says she was impressed with the service and quality of the materials. “Everything was really well organised. I could enrol online easily and I was impressed that I received all the materials in advance. It meant I could read the course notes in advance and prepare for the workshops and assignments.” 

As real estate is a practical vocation Skye says she is continuously learning, but says that her study at Open Polytechnic gave her a great understanding of the legal aspects and introduced real estate lingo. “Some parts of the course I use every day.” 

Employer scholarship 

While studying with Open Polytechnic Skye was awarded the Bayley’s Real Estate working scholarship. Skye says the scholarship has given her the best possible start to her career. “The scholarship has given me the opportunity to hit the ground running and provided me with support and training. I work closely with my manager and receive great mentoring from the team. It’s allowed me to master the tools of the trade which I think has given me a huge advantage.” 

Working in real estate 

Skye enjoys the variety and flexibility real estate offers. “I think a lot of what real estate agents do happens in the background and people don’t realise just how much is involved when we take on a property to sell. I do everything from finding properties that people want to sell to consulting and tailoring the most beneficial strategy for my clients which will get them premium results. I work closely with vendors to help them understand the process and am in continuous contact with purchasers. I am involved in every aspect of marketing the properties, from writing scripts, managing and organising the photography and staging. I am responsible for running the open homes and negotiating the deal so that it is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Then there is engaging with the solicitors and ensuring everything runs accordingly for the keys to be handed over.”

Skye says that working with people was a huge drawcard to real estate as well as having the ability to run her own business within the Bayleys brand. “I get to spend a lot of time talking and meeting with people. I enjoy helping people understand the process and am really pleased to get them the results. Putting time and effort into your own business also means that you are completely responsible for your own success and the level of that success. You only get out as much as you put in.” 

Lifelong learner

And with so much study already under her belt Skye says she’ll never stop learning. “It is important to keep on learning and challenging yourself. I think the benefit of study is obtaining knowledge and understanding – if you don’t know the basics or the theory behind something it’s hard to apply it with confidence.” 

And what are her future ambitions? “I want to increase my profile in Wellington and be at the top of people’s minds when they want to sell” says Skye. “Eventually I would like to have my own agency. I also have a strong interest for sustainability and my goal is to be able to incorporate this into my real estate career.”

I could start straight away and could study at my own speed whenever it suited.