Online study removes barriers to learning

Neve Billings identifies as being visually impaired and says online learning worked well for her.

Neve studied a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management online. She had previously found studying on a campus to be tricky with her disability, but says online learning worked well for her. She found the support at Open Polytechnic helpful, including with adjusting content for her needs.

Nevé has also been a fundamental part in the development of a Disability Advisory Group to help provide a voice for disabled learners.

She has some great tips on achieving success with your study. 


Support for disabled learners

If you would like to talk to anyone in our team about how we can support you with your study journey or want to learn more go to our Disability and Access Services page:

Disability and Access Services

My advice for someone with a disability studying online is ask lots of questions, ask for help, be really loud. People are really keen to help and they don't know you need support until you say something.