Being a role model through study

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

  • Diploma in Applied Mental Health (Level 6)

  • Diploma in Psychology (Level 5)


When she took up study with the Open Polytechnic solo Mum Janelle Wilson wanted to show her five kids that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

“I wanted to learn more about people, better my career options, and show my children that you can change your path at any time to create a better future for yourself and your family.”

Janelle's hard work has paid off and since she began studying with Open Polytechnic, she has gained the Diploma in Psychology (Level 5), Diploma in Applied Mental Health (Level 6) and the Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology).

Janelle’s previous experiences with education had not been great, but the support and flexibility of distance learning through the Open Polytechnic made things easier.

“I could fit the study around my family - I would study while I was waiting to pick up the children from after school activities, or in evenings, mornings, or weekends.  That was the best thing about studying with the Open Polytechnic, I could study whenever and wherever it suited me. 

“And I could learn at my own pace.  Sometimes I needed to go over things several times. If I'd been in a lecture I would have got the information once.”

She says the support from the Open Polytechnic tutors and lecturers, as well as the ability to talk on-line with other students also helped.

“I found the tutors fantastic.  I would email them and always got clear responses.  At times they even phoned to make sure I was on track. I used the library lots too and found them friendly and helpful and the service prompt and efficient.

“I also used the on-line forums to get support and encouragement from other students.  It's great to be able to share with other people who are as focused on study as you are.”

And while sometimes family fun times had to take a back seat, Janelle says the rewards have been well worth the price.

“Being a positive role model for my children is important.  It was great to do our homework together.  I hope it will give them a sense of the importance of study and how sometimes you have to postpone the good times so you can reap rewards in the future.” 

One of the rewards for Janelle was that her studies led to a job in the mental health field.

She says the key to success in study is to take it one step at a time.

“My philosophy is you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Never give up and always believe in yourself.”

More about Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) will give you an understanding of the science of human behaviour and what happens in people’s minds to influence their behaviour. This includes how people think, remember and feel; what drives motivation and how personality is defined.

Successful completion of this degree may enable you to enter graduate and post graduate training in psychology. A postgraduate qualification is the minimum level of qualification needed for you to enter the psychology profession.

Programme update

We are now offering an updated version of this programme which includes compulsory course 73329 Research Methods and Analysis.

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More about Diploma in Applied Mental Health (Level 6)

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More about Diploma in Psychology (Level 5)

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