Providing Pharmacy Services and Advice

Course code PHR002

The purpose of this course is to prepare you to provide safe client centred advice and health care services within a pharmacy

How to enrol

Before enrolling in this course you need to:

  • Choose the qualification you will study the course under. See the Work towards tab below for qualification options.
  • Check the order that courses in the qualification should be studied in the Qualification Structure table. This is in the Choose courses tab on the qualification page.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • Identify conditions/situations when referral to a pharmacist is required
  • Provide safe advice on pharmacy related products to clients 
  • Describe the issues relating to the misuse of medicines 
  • Explain and carry out the procedures for receiving and delivering prescriptions and pharmacy related products in accordance with pharmacy workplace requirements 
  • Describe systems for maintaining stock and carry out a range of stock maintenance activities, preventing stock loss and managing waste in accordance with workplace requirements
  • Identify and apply professional and legislative requirements for working with medicines, including the classification of medicines.
  • Accurately perform workplace calculations in accordance with workplace requirements

Course content includes

  • Determine when referral to a pharmacist is necessary
  • Asking questions (WWHAM, Who it’s for; What are the symptoms; How long have you had it; Action taken so far; On any other Medicines or is there any existing medical conditions) to provide advice to customers/patients
  • Misuse of medicines
  • Receiving and delivering prescriptions/ward charts/pharmacy related products
  • Stock maintenance, loss prevention and waste management


This course is assessed through online written assessments and a logbook of work-based tasks verified from a supervising pharmacist