Bachelor of Information Technology


Our Bachelor of Information Technology will give you recognised, flexible, and applied information technology qualification.

This qualification includes a range of practical courses aligned with industry need.

When you graduate you’ll be a confident information technology (IT) practitioner, ready to work in a range of roles. You will have specialist knowledge to work in areas such as:

  • software development
  • web technologies
  • database systems.

Or you could aim for further study at postgraduate level.



OP7091 Bachelor of IT student story slice


What you will learn

This qualification will give you the knowledge and understanding of the application of IT in the workplace.

You will have the ability to:

  • critically evaluate key information technology concepts and techniques to help resolve information technology-related problems in a range of contexts
  • manage information technology projects
  • plan, develop, implement, and manage IT systems to meet specific market or organisational needs
  • identify workplace requirements by selecting and implementing an appropriate software application-based IT solution
  • apply the knowledge and skills of software or web development, to address workplace need
  • identify the ethical, social and legal issues associated with the development and application of IT systems in the workplace
  • adapt resourcefully in a rapidly changing IT environment and to operate knowledgeably, productively and professionally in producing the specified outcome
  • communicate information, arguments, ideas and issues clearly and effectively as appropriate in information technology and business settings