New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5)

Study our New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design online, and gain the skills and knowledge to design, develop and implement websites and related services, and customise packaged web solutions. This qualification will also help you staircase to further study in Information Technology (IT).

What you will learn

When you complete this online programme you will have the skills and knowledge to work in an entry-level role in an organisation that customises packaged web solutions. Your skills will be internationally relevant.

You will be able to:

  • gather client requirements and prepare and present relevant web solution(s) 
  • write code that adheres to coding and other appropriate web standards to implement and customise a solution package using frameworks, libraries and appropriate plug in modules
  • Apply HCI principles to design and implement accessible and responsive user interfaces (UI) which enhance user experience (UX) and functionality
  • Create and execute a test plan consistent with industry standards to test functionality and usability of a web solution on multiple platforms to meet client requirements
  • implement, configure, and deploy a  tested web solutions, including creating accurate and clear documentation for both end users and technical staff  to meet client requirements
  • Apply the fundamental principles of IT technical support concepts and practice to securely manage hardware, software, and networking resources to support end users and meet security, ethical and organisational requirements
  • Apply the fundamental principles of software development, including fundamental mathematical and logical concepts that underpin computational ad systems thinking, to plan, create, test and document simple working code
  • communicate effectively in an IT role
  • apply professional, legal, and ethical principles and practices in a socially responsible manner as an emerging IT professional
  • Apply critical analysis and decision-making techniques to solve problems and provide relevant and timely IT outcomes
  • operate within the applicable professional standards and practice
  • work independently and as part of a team under broad supervision.

Study pathway

This qualification will give you a pathway to the undergraduate IT degree programme. If you go onto further learning you will be given credit recognition into the degree for this Diploma qualification.