Frequently asked questions about course offerings for 2024

Course offerings 2024

  • My programme was trimester-based when I first enrolled in it. Can I now enrol in a course in any month from 2024?

    Our website is currently showing all course occurrences for programmes that have been opened for enrolment for 2024 over the next 12 months.  If your programme is open for enrolment, you will be able to see the available monthly occurrences of the course(s) you are interested in for 2024.

  • Why do you no longer use the term ‘trimester’ for enrolment dates for my programme?

    We are working on providing greater access to courses for ākonga (learners) and increased flexibility to study at your own pace by introducing monthly course occurrences for selected programmes from 2024.  We have made the decision to remove the term ‘trimester’ to describe enrolment dates for any of our programmes, as we work towards introducing these changes on a programme-by-programme basis.

  • When will you introduce monthly occurrences of courses in my programme?

    We will introduce the change to monthly course occurrences on a programme-by-programme basis.  If you are a current ākonga (learner), we will contact you when this change occurs for the programme you are enrolled in. Until this change is in place for your programme, we will continue to offer courses on a similar frequency as previous years.

  • Will all courses eventually be offered on a monthly basis?

    While our aim is to eventually offer as many monthly occurrences as possible for most of our programmes, not all courses will be available for enrolment each month once the change is implemented for your programme.  In particular, courses with in-person exams, or other time-dependent activities, will continue to be offered with limited intakes each year.

  • My programme hasn’t got any course occurrences open for enrolment in 2024, when will they be available?

    While the majority of our programmes for 2024 are now open for enrolment, there are some we are still working on making available. Please check back on our website later to see if they have opened.

  • How long will I have to complete my course?

    Please check the individual course page on our website by going to the ‘choose courses and apply’ tab, and click on the month you are interested in enrolling in to see the duration of the course.

  • How many courses can I enrol in at one time?

    All of our courses have a credit value. You are able to apply for a maximum of 120 credits per 12-month enrolment period if your intention is to study full-time. Please note, all full-time enrolment applications will be assessed by our staff and we may contact you for more information before progressing your application.