Changes to Assessment Extensions

Open Polytechnic has changed the way we grant assessment extensions with a view to improving the process for students.

Two one-week extensions

From 22 September 2021, you can apply for up to two one-week extensions during the 14-day extension period, after the original due date and your extension. Apply for your extensions one at a time, and they will be automatically approved, except when the extension request exceeds the end date of the enrolment period.

You will not be able to use this system to request an extension date that goes beyond the end of the enrolment period for your course.


How do I apply?

Please log into My Open Polytechnic, click on the ‘assessment extension’ tab to request an extension.

Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation of the assessment extension within 24 hours of your application.

If you require a second one-week extension, please follow the same process.

Keep in mind that a second one-week extension will impact on your other assessments, and we recommend you carefully consider this before making a second application.

Extensions near the end of your enrolment period will not exceed the end date, and where applicable, your due date will be the last date of enrolment.


What if I need longer than two weeks?

If you believe you need an extension longer than the maximum two-week period or beyond the end of your course enrolment period, you can apply for Special Consideration. Evidence is required when making your application.

Once the Registrar has received the application and evidence, you will be advised of the outcome by email.


Why the change?

We are making this change to simplify the process for you and give you more flexibility. Now you can apply during the 14-day extension period after the original due date and your extension will be automatically approved.


Need more information?

See more information on the How to request an assessment extension page on the website