Getting technical support

If you need help with an IT issue that relates to your studies our Service Desk can help.

To get help contact our Service Desk on:

 To find out what hours the Service Desk team are available, see the Technical Support Team section on the Contact us page.

How they can help

Our Service Desk staff can help you with IT issues relating to your studies over the phone or email. If they need to, and with your permission, they can remotely access your computer using a tool called LogMeIn Rescue.

LogMeIn Rescue will give them a quick, secure connection so they can see what you are looking at on your computer. They can then guide you through the steps they need to take to resolve the issue.


How the  LogMeIn Rescue session will work

  • To start a LogMeIn Rescue a session, you need internet access.
  • The Service Desk staff member will guide through how to install the application. See the ‘Step-by-step guide below.
  • After verifying your identification, and with your permission, they can view or take remote control of your device.
  • This will let them see the issues and fix problems as if they were sitting next to you.
  • You can withdraw your permission at any time if you decide you don’t want them to access your computer. They will disconnect the session.

LogMeIn Rescue works no matter what operating system, device, or web browser you use.


  • Our Service Desk staff member will always ask permission before accessing or changing anything on your computer.
  • Every session is automatically recorded for security and training purposes.
  • If you don’t own the computer or are using a work computer, we recommend you ask for permission from the owner/your employer before agreeing for us to remotely access it.
  • Before you ring us we have an expectation that your device is working and ask you to check your wifi is working and your web browser is up to date.


How to get LogMeIn Rescue

1. Our Service Desk staff member will ask you to go to the LogMeIn Rescue page from the Open Polytechnic website Support Connection page.

login image

2. They will give you a six-digit code to enter on this page. 

3. Click the ‘Start Download’ button.  This will download a file to your computer. The red outline in the image below shows what the file looks like after it is downloaded (using a Google Chrome browser).

LogMeIn Rescue 2

4. When the download is finished, our staff member will ask you to open/run the file.

5. When you do the LogMeIn Rescue text window will show, with Open Polytechnic of New Zealand in the top ribbon.

LogMeIn Rescue 3

6. When the window below appears click 'OK' to enable User Account Control (UAC).

LogMeIn Rescue 4

7. If you give permission for our Service Desk staff member to have remote control access another pop-up window will open asking you to allow this application to make changes to your device. Our staff member will ask you to click ‘Yes’.

LogMeIn Rescue 5


8. When the screen below appears click ‘OK’.

LogMeIn Rescue 6


9. Our Service Desk staff member will now be able to see your screen. They will either help you resolve your issue or with your permission make some changes on your computer to fix it.


Disconnecting from your session

1. After the issue is resolved our staff member will disconnect the LogMeIn Rescue session. You will see the screen below.

LogMeIn Rescue 7


2. A screen asking you to evaluate your session will show. This is optional.

LogMeIn Rescue 8


Uninstalling LogMeIn Rescue

If you want to uninstall LogMeIn Rescue from your computer:

1. Open the 'Start' menu.

LogMeIn Rescue 9


2.Search for ‘File Explorer’ and click it.

LogMeIn Rescue 10


3. When you see the File Explorer window (see image below) click the ‘Downloads’ folder.

LogMeIn Rescue 11


4. When you see the ‘Support-LogMeIn Rescue’ file, right click and select ‘Delete’ to remove it from your computer.

LogMeIn Rescue 12